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A dog that will make you cry

Girl Isabella was at the time when this video was only 10 weeks. As he grows up will have a single proof of who so diligently covered with a blanket as she slept.

VIDEO: After this marriage proposal can not say "no" - well done, young man

Not only is the beloved lady agreed to become Mrs. Hulbert, the result of effort and imagination in love matt so much that everyone is currently the most watched video in the world.
 Matt Hulbert has long been thought of how the 'cool' way to propose to your loved Janice and this eventually worked. And that's how! Not only is the beloved lady agreed to become Mrs. Hulbert, the fruit of his hard work and imagination are so many people liked that at this point it the most watched video in the world.

Apart from the occasional song composed, Matt got to his feet an army of friends and family members that are in the video sequence Janice was telling how much love and how much they mean.

Played a central role because her closest Janice rarely seen since seven years ago moved to the UK, so Matt and effort to see and hear them, and to know what they think about the wedding.

Took care of and special icing on the cake, and the service asked Zach Braff, who gladly accepted the invitation.

Aware of how worship series 'Intern', because the husband knew that loved to surprise and razveselitii participation of the famous actor, that she would thus make it clear that the greatly loved and is ready for her much to do.

Amazing TALENT: Girl shows soccer skills and hit the crossbar as desired! (VIDEO)

We present you Indi Cowie, a girl who is fascinated by his football skills Internet community.

Cowie Juggle Ball as the best players of today. Suddenly he turns 180 degrees and hit the crossbar as desired. Cowie shows not only his skills, but currently and for the game of football, "University of North Carolina."

Shock in the morning show, head lost her temper: Video has over 5 million hits!

British celebrity host Holly Willoughby is the morning show lost it - and see for themselves that is shown in the two days more than 5 million times!
New hit hara YouTube: the morning show 'This Morning', in the 32-year-old presenter Holly Willoughby toured the British reality TV star Katie Hopkins.

And Katie is shocked by his statements as hostess, as the audience! In the interview, the reality star told friends that their children choose the names and judge people according to how they are called.

It is believed that the children's names Chantelle, Charmaine, Chardonnay, Tyler and many other names' below, problematic class "- her children have friends with those names.

'A lot of you know someone's name, there are some names that we simply disgusting. Using figure out the name of the class that baby comes and ask you a question - if I want to have my kids play with them? Chardonnay, so I do not want my children to play with someone who is named after a bottle of wine ', began hearing 38-year-old Katie.

There are host Holly iživcirala claiming that it is' snobbish 'and that' full of prejudices. "

'Why would she do that? Why? I do not understand. Listen, it's terrible what you're saying, "he told Holly, and finally 'cracked' and said to her, 'Now, wait, wait, that's it, we're not talking about this anymore!'

The video has caused a great public outcry and soon became a huge hit on YouTube, where he raised over $ 5 million hits! Otherwise, Katieina children named India and Poppy; she believes that fine names. Watch a video that was particularly scandalized the public!

Ronald's girlfriend Irina is fine! (VIDEO)

Russian model only in bathing suits paraded through the streets ... The traffic was in collapse, curious passers-by watched the recording.

Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend, Irina Schaik recorded for Sports Ilustrated.

It was a record for the best 50 models swimwear. It was on the 16th place.

Watch the video.

YOUTUBE HIT: When a woman changes the oil from the engine (VIDEO)

On the internet we found a very good and funny video. This is a joke at the expense of women and advance izvinjavano if this video will offend someone, we do not intent to.

The video is funny because of the way women changing the engine oil. She stood in the motor parts shop and bought oil for the engine and see what you did!

This video will rewind over and over again!

In fact, in the video the boy standing among chickens, and after a short introduction, in which the camera probably explains what to do, start to sing the first song tones In the Jungle, known from the movie The Lion King.

Quite remarkably, in those few voices all the hens start and run all line up in front of him like a general who had gathered his troops.

VIDEO: Freeze Coca Cola for the second

Many if not enough juice was icy cold, but has to have ice chips.

For those who can not imagine their drinks without chunks of ice, here are useful tips on how to freeze for a second Coke.

Dog special way of climbing stairs causes laughter to tears

Although they have four legs, the dogs do not usually have a problem with climbing stairs. But this dog causes laughter to tears with the way it works.

Carefully and slowly little dog climb the stairs backwards. First, back and front paws, and so to the top. The video does not show whether the dog forgot how to do it or are too slippery stairs in his small paws.

VIDEO: Another hidden camera

BlackBox TV presented a new episode of hidden cameras in which they decided to terrify young people ...

This time, the target of those who come to take pictures of the cabin designated for it.

Starring a young man appeared seemingly bloody clothes and his "attacker" behind the fence. Reactions of frantic people in the video.

It is a sincere love (VIDEO)

Arsenal fan ran five miles in the bus with the players of Arsenal in Vietnam, and then invited him to join them!
Arsenal fan ran five miles in the bus with the players of Arsenal in Vietnam, and then invited him to join them!

"Bring it on, bring it!" (Sing him up - dosloce translation: sign it or engage it), sung by Arsenal players on the bus during the Asian tour, watching the young Vietnamese who was playing for the London club ran for miles for a car.
He hit the boy on the Arsenal crest on the jersey, waved to players, as he continued to run, to get him in one of the mileage helped motorcyclist, who linked him, sparking new excitement of being Arsenal.

A young Vietnamese nothing prevented the road, no trees, no action, other passers-by. He kept running beside the bus, glad you can see those idols live on television monitors.

After five kilometers flown, Arsenal players have urged him on the bus, sparking new excitement and hysteria. Everyone wanted to be photographed with him, including coach Arsene Wenger.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


1 Act mechanic repair:
After your hands become completely covered with oil it, they will
nose or you will have to go to the toilet.

2 Law of the workshop:
Any tool that you drop out of the hands will roll into the least accessible

3 Law of probability:
The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your act.

4 Law phones
When you dial a wrong number, the line will be busy.

5 Law of the Alibi:
If you tell the boss I'm late for work because you emptied the tires on the car,
the next morning you will be emptied on a car tire.

6 Variation Law:
When you cross the street to another bar, the one where you were going to start
Move faster than the one in which you are located.

7 Bathroom theorem:
When the body is fully immersed in water, it rings the phone (which
you have beside you.

8 Law of Close Encounters:
The probability that you will meet someone you know increases when you are
the company of the person you do not want to see you.

9 Law results:
When you want to show you how to master a household appliance does not work, the unit will
work through.

10th Law of coffee:
The moment you sit down to drink only boiled hot coffee, the boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cool.

11th Law carpet:
The probability that a slice of bread coated with jam smeared fall on the side
directly related to how much of the carpet on the floor of a new, as well as its

12th Law logical argument:
Anything is possible ... If you do not know what you mean.

13th The law of consumption:
When you find a product that you really like, they will stop it

Bright side of the computer

One woman called the technical support of the "Canon" because it had a problem with the printer. The tech on the other side asked her whether "works under Windows (windows)." His wife replied, "No, my desk is next to the door, but it's a good suggestion. A man in the room next to me sitting under the window, and his printer works perfectly."
Technician: "Okay, Bob, now press Ctrl and Esc keys at the same time. Tasks you've got a list on the screen. Now beat the letter P to activate the Program Manager."User: "I have P."Technician: "On the keyboard, Bob."User: "What do you mean?"Technician: "P on your keyboard, Bob." ("P on your keyboard" = pi * device on your keyboard)User: "I will not do it!"
The computer stores:Customer: "I'd like a mouse pad."Seller: "Of course, we have a choice."Customer, "But will they be compatible with my computer?"
I once received a fax with a note on the bottom of the document to send the same back to the sender when to use it, because it's still the same need.
Customer: "Could you copy it to this floppy disk?"
Customer: "So it will connect me to the Internet, right?"Technician: "Yes."Customer: "And this is the last version of the Internet, right?"Technician: "Well ... uh ... that ..."
Technician: "Okay ... Now double-click the File Manager."Customer: "That's why I hate windows - the icons. Protestant I am, and I do not believe in icons."Technician: "You know, it's only industry term. Believe that I have thought of these icons."Customer: "I do not care about any 'industrial terms." I do not believe in icons. "Technician: "Well, why do not you click on the 'thumbnails' Records ... 'small picture', okay?"Customer: [click]
Customer: "Your sound card is defective and I want you to replace it."Technician: "And what's the problem?"Customer: "Balance is upside down. Levi channel coming from the right speaker and vice versa. Was defective."Technician: "You can solve the problem by moving the left speaker to the right and vice versa."Customer: [silence]
Customer: "I'd like to return this scanner."Seller: "What?"Customer: "This scanner that I bought. Gave 80 bucks for it, and it does not work!"Seller: "This ... Sir, it is a trackball."Customer, "You sure did not. It says '600 dpi tracking resolution '!"
One man, trying to set up your new printer, called the technical support line and explained the error message that it occurred: "Can not find the printer." The man said that he even kept the printer in the hands of the front of the monitor, but the computer still could not find him.
Customer: "Hello I'm trying to log. Installed the software well, and dialed. That's what I heard. Then I heard two computers to connect. But then the sound stopped, so I picked up the phone to see if they are connected, and then I got the message "no carrier" on the screen., what's the problem? "
I have a friend who just bought a computer and it should load the program simply by typing "A:" and then the name of the program. He told me he did not succeed because its keyboard is not good. Not able to type "point of the dot," and every time I tried to type "point of the dot" is constantly receiving "point against point," even when the most gentle pressing the top button. When I told him about the SHIFT key, he thought I was a genius ...
One guy called tech support and complained to the message "Access denied" every time I try to log. It turns out that the house is a username and password in capital letters.Technician: "Okay, now try again, but use lowercase letters."Customer: "But I only have a keyboard sensitive."
Email from a friend: "Can you fix Spacebar on my keypad?"
My friend was on duty in the main lab one quiet afternoon. He noticed a young woman sitting in front of a computer with arms crossed staring at the screen. After 15 minutes he noticed that the woman is still sitting in the same position, only this time nervously tapping his foot on the floor. He approached her and asked if she needed help, and she nervously replied, "It's about time! I pressed F1 even twenty minutes ago!"
In the program "POLARATOR" on channel 21 on Thursday 03 '91. the part of the program when the leaders answered questions from viewers regarding computers is one of the questions was: "I'd like to buy a computer; heard that 386 is good, so I wanted to hear what you think, but because fanansijske situation would have bought a keyboard and joined it to the TV as the external memory I used tape? " Head is just speechless.
Do you know how N. Parezanovic (Professor of Physics, author of numerous books on computer) translated the word software & hardware? "Mekotvorina & TVRDOTVORINE."
I remember the first year of high. My dad bought a C64 and I buy the book "BASIC" of the above N. PAREZANOVIĆ. I do not know about computers. Everything you type as written in the book, C64 let me know any mistake ... At the moment, "Informatics and Computing" ask prof. Kurjačkog "Well ... I have the C64, no program will be executed. Anything to do?" He (the most serious look on his face) said, "Well you know what, to write programs, you have to have a program called text-processor."
Compaq is considering changing the command "Press Any Key" to "Press Return Key" because of the flood of calls asking where the "Any" key is.
AST technical support had a caller who complained that it was hard to control a mouse with a "dust cover". In the end it turned out that the "dust shield" plastic bag the mouse was packaged.
Another Compaq technician received a call from a man complaining that the system would not read word processing files from his old 5.25 "floppy disks. Gradual After trouble-shooting for magnets and heat [which the drive may be exposed], it was found to the end user put labels on floppy disks and diskettes then rolled them into the typewriter to type the labels.
One AST customer was asked to send a copy of her defective diskettes. A few days later a letter arrived with photocopies of the floppies.
Dell technician advised his customer to put a floppy disk in the floppy drive back and close the door. The customer asked the tech to hold on, and then the phone heard that this put the phone down, got up and walked away across the room to close the door of the room.
Another Dell customer called [technical support] to complain that his computer will not send a fax. After 40 minutes of troubleshooting, the technician realized that the man holding the document in front of the monitor screen and hitting [mouse] button "send".
Another Dell customer called to complain that his keyboard no longer work. Cleaned it so that the whole keyboard in the soapy water and buried his left in the water all day, then removing all the keys and each could be washed.
Confused user of IBM computers had a problem with printing documents. He said IBM technician to have a computer cash register to "see printer". Then he also tried to turn the monitor to the printer, but even then the computer could not "see" the printer.
DgDell technician received a call from a customer who was enraged because his computer had told him he was "bad and an invalid" (bad and naughty). The tech replied that the message should not be taken personally.
An exasperated caller to Dell Computer Tech Support could not be switched to your new Dell computer. After ensuring the computer was plugged in, the technician asked her what happened when she pressed the button that says "Power." Her answer was pushed and pushed on this foot pedal and nothing happens. The "foot pedal" turned out to be the mouse.
Another customer called Compaq tech support to say her brand new computer would not work. She said she unpacked the unit, plugged it in and sat there for 20 minutes waiting for something to happen. When he asked what happened when she pressed the power switch, she asked "What power switch?"
Another true story from Nowell's."Hello, is this tech support?""Yes, how may I help you?""Cupholders in my PC-s is broken and the computer is still under warranty. Was it be fixed?""Excuse me, but did you say a cup holder?""Yes, that is attached to the front of my computer.""Please excuse me if I sound confused: it's because I am. Did you receive this as part of a promotional, at a trade show? How do you get this" cup holders "? Does it have any trademark on it?""I got it from the computer. I do not know anything about a promotion. It just has" 4X "on it."at this time a technician had to cover up the phone in the attack of laughter. This person used the drawer of the CD-ROM drive as a cup holder, and then it broke off.
One IBM customer had trouble installing software and call the support."I put the first disc in the drive, and that was OK. Then said to put another drive, and there have been some problems with the disc. Said she put the third disk - I did not could not even tuck ..." This guy had not realized that "Insert Disk 2" means that the first disc is removed first
In a similar case, the user has followed instructions istalaciju software. in the instructions that said you need to remove the disc from its wrapper and put it in the drive. The user is physically opened the disk and then wonder in what problems arose.
In the West, spreading fear of computer virus invasion of the USSR. However, it is technically impossible as the Russian viruses programmed in Cyrillic and can not be anything western computers. (Source unknown)


9:05 Arrive at work. Coffee, reading the newspaper.
9:20 I got a call from the accounting, they say they can not connect to the server Accounting. I gave them the standard answer no. 112: "Hmm, but for me it works." I chatted a bit and then I advise them to try to reboot and including to log in again. Meanwhile I'm with UPS dumped coffee brewing coffee (coffee is already at the end) and then I hooked the cable servers Accounting. A few moments later, they called again from the books and said it was all right. Nothing more beautiful than a satisfied user.
10:20 That cow of marketing complained that the modem does not work. I mumbled that I was transferred to our specialist communications and switched my connection with the caretaker. The modern telephone equipment actually saves a lot of work!
10:50 The boss came to see me, as, multiplied by complaints about the quality of customer support. I asked who complains. Of course, marketing. The boss said that this will be resolved, he informed me that there will be no rest day and went to play tennis.
11:05 This Monday I always dokosuri. I wrote the book, "Going shopping for disks" and fled the city.
16:20 Back from "buying diskettes." I looked at the message counter, it was empty. It seems that the reason for this is that I did not include machine. I fixed it and amplifying remarks in the diary.
16:25 Going home.
9:10 Again he stopped me in the head again and he wanted to convey the appeal of those cows marketing. I showed him a new screensaver Hot Amanda, who just last week passed the Internet. Head is very like him, he was up, so I gave him a floppy and asked him how they resolve complaints. He replied that he would probably hire one more worker, because I can not get all that I am.
9:50 I reached the eighth level of Doom's.
10:25 He called expert adviser to the deputy director of production. He wanted to know how to excel in drawing graphics. I told him to have such special requirements of professional advisers and switched my connection with the caretaker. It is good that we have these handsets.
11:00 He's a janitor. He said he had some people call us and ask him weird things. I told him I'd teach him for me if you sit by the phone for an hour. He agreed.
11:05 Going to lunch.
14:00 Back from lunch. Janitor fair sitting by the phone. He said the phone would ring, and that all calls forwarded to a buffet. This guy is really good!
14:10 I began to teach janitors (also known as Pera) DOOM-in. He was a good student, and after a few hours I was wiped clear. I guessed that this guy has a future.
16:00 Perry shift was over, so we ended up with the school and Doom. I left for an hour. I was thinking what to do and I remembered Accounting server from yesterday. Several times I tried the power switch, to see if it works. The switch worked without problems; stuff was worse as far as the UPS and the server.
16:30 Departure from work.
8:30 The boss kept his promise and brought a new man for technical support. Some Milan. I showed him the room to the server, switch and set his computer on the desk. Few protested because he was paid only XT, but I assured him that he was quite sufficient for Windows black and white screen.
9:00 Milan's computer had just finished boot sequence. Milan immediately began to take an interest in it to attach to a network: therefore I had created a user name. The minimum length of the password I set it to 64 characters, and a little boy enjoys.
9:15 I got a call from accounting because they need a username to a new worker. I replied that I was, that takes a special form to be signed by the head of the department, all the other managers, and warehouse manager. Few were surprised, but stopped as soon as I hang up on them.
10:05 Her name is some kind of Peace of accounting, as it needs a password for the network. By voice seems to have between nineteen and twenty, I asked her for the name, surname, date of birth, marital status, address and telephone number. The assumption was correct - nineteen, unmarried. So I told her to tell her the password supplied in the evening, in person, at home.
11:05 Milan finally "drove" his XT and went to work. I sent him a pack of cigarettes, only let the young learner.
11:20 Milan brought cigarettes. I showed him the manual system AS 400 and told him to sit by the phone, some experience and practice. Then I went to lunch.
16:00 Back from lunch. Milan has apparently suffered a nervous breakdown - three hours trying to run server Accounting. Ispsovao I sent him the new cigarettes. Then I re-hooked the Ethernet cable to the server. The TV picture is therefore a little spoiled, but the job ultimately will prevail.
16:10 secretary in the personnel asked to include a spell check. I advised her the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Del. Thank you and hung up.
16:30 Milan caught in the toilet reading the classified ads with job offers. I thought the day was successful and otistao home.
8:30 Again appeared boss (right now will every morning to come here and do not even get to read the newspaper), but luckily brought good news - Milan reported that more will come to work. I said that the fact that it's hard to find a man that's worth something. I mean, really! I share this warm little place with others?!
8:55 I called someone from logistics, says he can not get Yu fonts. I asked him what kind of a chip on the graphics card and, of course, is not known. I snapped at him to first learn the basic information about your computer and then called me again.
9:15 Again he called one of logistics; learned that chips on a video card has nothing to do with fonts. I replied that I did not ask for the video card, but for graphics. He apologized, said he would find out and hung up.
9:30 I got a call from economic, to be on the invoice instead of retaining the letters appear accents. It was already the case with the other fonts that day, so I promised to do something about it. After some thinking I decided to change all central document templates. I put white letters on a white background; safe side I changed the standard font to Wingdings.
10:00 Amid the ninth level of Doom came by Pera, and we played DOOM over networks and thrashed some moron from another department. In doing so he wrote what we all think about his nepojavnoj nonsense.
12:00 Pera asked me if I would have lunch with him. I thought how much more debilnih questions about fonts expected and went with him. After that I did not go back to work.
9:00 Arrive at work. Reading newspapers.
9:25 Some of unfortunate planning called because he forgot the password, so he asked for advice. I advised him to use a special procedure to reset a password - FDISK. Thank you and hung up. Oh God, do such people have the right to vote?
9:35 Again he called one of the planning. A password has been resolved, but there is a new - after booting the system his answer Error accessing Drive 0 I told him it was a hardware problem and that he needs a new computer.
10:15 Mahler unfortunate that we have it yesterday and beat it to DOOM-in on the sixth level was boss. He flew to my office mad as hell and did not react to my new screensaver Obsession. Since Monday I have a shoot-off ticket.
10:00 I'm doing what I was doing Milan, that is. read the ads offering employment and occur on a selected few. During the breaks between calls dressing up macros, add command DeleteDocument. Without a good support system no company will be successful.
11:15 I found a new job. It is in fact exactly the same function that I have had here, and the software company, which last year put on the market a new operating system. At the farewell worm hits the network, change the order of extensions to the telephone exchange, removes any password to enter the building and packing coffee cup.

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