Monday, 9 March 2015

PHOTO: She published a shocking photo of trade: her Facebook profile extinguished the same day!

On the biggest social network Facebook has appeared a photograph that was briefly shaken the whole world, the masculine and all fighters rights.
It did not take long to intervene fejs and wiped the controversial photograph after all of the applications.
But we managed to catch the last minute and we bring to you. Below the link you can see uncensored image to an external link, because Facebook does not allow this. PHOTO

When Brazilian finds that it is not the prettiest ...

Dissatisfied participants of the Miss Amazonas "crazy" in designating

 Let it be known that he did not deserve the crown!

Šejlejn Hajala not elected Miss Amazonas, but that did not stop to take off the crown of the head with the winners and slammed on the floor!

The fiery Brazilian's shot at a time while standing on the side and applauds, as any honest "loser" and then approached the winners, takes off her crown and moves to the curse.

Hajala was later explained to the media that she did it because the winner Caroline Toledo did not deserve the crown, but it is "paid".

Well, if you are a normal ?!

Another hidden camera for a heart attack!
 We remember the creepy clown who sledgehammer shot a man in the underground garage. We remember the gruesome heroes who walked out of his terrifying horror films and "honest people" on the street, but still scare when we look at one such video.
Team rogue gathered under the name "DM Pranks" she made a chilling hidden camera with a witch who rips the heart out of my chest, a voodoo priest who kills you by sticking needles into a rag doll and because of whose chatter will willingly his back on the rails of the train ...


Fishing with "drummer" on the back!

Leskovcanin Jovan Stojanovic became a hit on social networks when hooked to the back of the oven "drummer" lit a fire and so went to fish!
 He threw his stick in Veternica, but nothing else was caught, except turkey feathers. However, he says that his bar was not cold at minus and the wind that blew that day by the river.
Video-clip is so far from his Facebook profile is distributed more than 2,500 people, and many have compared it with a penguin Pablo, Disney cartoon hero who lives at the North Pole and persistent longing for warmer regions, but it, unlike John, the Finally managed to start a new life on a tropical desert island. Perhaps one day, and John ...
"We have one thing in common and that is zimogrožljivost. Pablo came to my mind when I put the stove in the back. I thought those days so hang equipped with skis down the Baba LIVACO which is a favorite destination for children sledding in Leskovac, but the snow already melted, "says John of" Southern News ".
She loves, she says, warmer regions. "The Caribbean say ... There'd like to live," imagination leskovcanin sensitive to cold.
The real attraction is actually a pan which is located on the dome, ready to fry it immediately catches from Veternice.
"Unfortunately, I have not caught on, and the pan was empty. Next time, I promise a better catch," says John.

Looking at the picture, we asked ourselves how to blow.
"There is a simple solution. Between Pec and vest set thick cardboard. Provereno works!", I John.
Many do not understand what he did, and she got the idea when he saw the fishermen beside the South Morava to freezing, holding fishing rods in their hands.
"I feel sorry for them. Then it hit me! PECL burned, climb on his back, spine and warm the winter there for you," advises John fellow fishermen.
He admits that he took a stick in his hands for 10 years, and now gladly fishing ... Always with a peck on his back in the winter months.
"Individuals say that I freaked out. Why everything is strange and unusual needs to be a reflection of a madman? Do not people know that NASA and bring a little joy into their lives?" Asks John who normally works as a security guard in Leskovac General Hospital .
The invention "a traveling water bottles" was not his first unusual ideas. For the next one you saved, as announced, unusual will parade the streets of the central city, as soon as more beautiful time.
"People need a little joke, unusual enterprise and pursuits in these bleak times. All this is medicine for the soul, and on the other hand, and useful," says the "South news" this passionate, but sensitive to cold Leskovac fisherman.

I'm glad, I'm ...

Abcdefg Hijklmn Opqrst Uvwxyz!
 We know that in the world there are various bizarre names. We also know that parents are their children baptized "terrible" names, and poor children are subject joke in school.
But there are also people who are not satisfied with "normal" name that were given at birth, so they settled on these moves ...
A woman from Bogotá two years are judged to her identity card says "this name", ie all the letters of the alphabet.
Before that it was called Ladyzunga Cyborg, and as she explained, the biggest challenge so far was her to change her name in all the letters of the alphabet.

When you have excess time in the life of ... (VIDEO)

Idleness makes certain people in various antics. Here's an example.
 Idleness makes certain people in various antics. Here's an example.

Shocks in the elevator! (VIDEO)

Here comes another crazy upskirt from Brazil!

We all know how stomach viruses can be problematic and how we can find in the "problem" anywhere.
For example, in the elevator ...
See the video.


(VIDEO) The Irresistible: sweet dream of sea otters

Sea otters sleep on the surface of the water, to make their dream was impeccable, doing something for what we thought was a feature that only people
This article is taken from the website of National Geographic.

These aquatic mammals, which can be found on the shores of the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, are the most numerous members of the family Mustelidae. They have the densest fur in the entire animal kingdom - one million hairs on 2.5 square centimeters.

Interesting facts about sea otters there a little bit, but one that causes the most sympathy in people is their holding paws while you sleep. Why do they do it? Just trying to prevent that in the dream sail and to separate out. In addition, they used seaweed that grows from the bottom of the ocean that are threaded into it, they also help to not floating up.

This type of community is very important. Sea otters often float in groups while eating, while resting and sleeping, a group can have two members while even a hundred members.

(VIDEO) 18 years after the death of her husband received a precious gift

Military plate is a metal detector last summer found the Frenchman François Blaizot (22), was determined to send it to the right address
 Catherine Wallace from Indianapolis 18 years ago was left without a husband, an American veteran Jim Wallace. He was freed in 1944. France, where he left a trail, a military board.
Military plate after 70 years, with a metal detector, last summer found the Frenchman François Blaizot (22) and decided to locate the person to whom it belonged. Being an American war veteran died, memories came into the hands of his widow, the only person to whom it is far more than just a metal object.
"Nothing else has to happen to me in my life, this is the best thing that ever happened to me. Jim was such a good person," said the widow.
Help was sought from Corey Goodwin, who works at the US Military Department, "Grant County Veterans Affairs". This posrednica quickly find the real owner, and then contacted his wife, Catherine Wallace. The plate was returned to her with a letter to a young Frenchman.
"It gives me great pleasure to be able to give you back your husband's plate. It is for me a way of revealing respect to people, what was your husband, and who came to my country and giving us freedom," wrote Francois. Reactions to the family of John Wallace were great.
"He was able to give it to anyone, he could sell it to a collector, he decided to return it to our family," said Thani White Wallace, daughter of John and Catherine Wallace.

(VIDEO) The house was not coming two years, when he saw the dog, there was chaos!

His dog Bailey had patiently waited, and then came the moment to see again ...
 The hardest part is when you leave the house for Nathan was a farewell to his best friend. Two years Nathan spent in Russia and was far from their loved ones.

His dog Bailey had patiently waited, and then came the moment to see again ...

Sunday, 8 March 2015

(VIDEO) 38 million views: Irishman shock when you see what this man can with his body

He decided to apply to show "America's Got Talent" and to show the whole world what he knows

This is the Turf, the guy who has two years of living on the street and collected money from your dance.

He decided to apply to show "America's Got Talent" and to show the whole world what he knows.

Its performance was thrilled and shocked all at the same time, because this dance do not see every day. His video has been viewed over 38 million times on YouTube.

(VIDEO) this certainly never saw: This is me being drunk squirrel!

In the description of the video that is posted on the website users Sphios YouTube, says that they have found a squirrel and they thought that was injured
 We've already gotten used to seeing people in a state of drunkenness, and what would you think if we have presented an animal? For that you first thought?

Surely you did not squirrel first came to mind, and just is the main protagonist of our story.

In the description of the video that is posted on the website users Sphios YouTube, says that they have found a squirrel and they thought that was violated.

However, they concluded that the squirrel looks ate too wild apples and therefore behaves as stunned. Also, in the video description apologize for hands were shaking, but, as written, could not refrain from laughing.

(VIDEO) amazing talent: She swallowed a pint of beer in seconds!

This girl has a rare ability. The whole pint of beer put it in his mouth, and then a sudden glass
 There are several techniques ispijana drinks. When it comes to beer, at various major festivals, there are even competitions in speed of the popular drinking alcoholic beverages. The most common male athletes practicing the liquid to drink so you do not make sips, but let it brew poured directly into the esophagus.

It is hardest not to choke, so this technique is extremely difficult. This girl can do some amazing things. She managed to less than a second drink the whole mug full of beer! See how it looks:

The world would be a better place if more people like this

Mehmet, since it knows what it is you do not have anything, stuck a label on your extension as a gift to everyone
 Mehmet Kuruc is 45-year-old in Munich runs a small Turkish restaurant. Mehmet has delighted the public an inscription that was affixed to the door of his restaurant.
Mehmet, whom everyone calls kindly Memo, a former businessman from Istanbul. After two failed marriages and a failed company, was so poor and desperate that he had to break the cash register their children to come to the last money. When he came to Germany, he decided to open a small shop in Munich.
Slowly he regained the will to live and work went better. Then Memo did something that most would not. Because he knows how it feels to have nothing, he stuck the label on your store:
"Dear people,You are hungry and have no money? With us you can eat and pay later or may God bless you.No one should be hungry!Lazos Team "
Occasionally, even three or four people a day to accept the offer and often only later plate dish. But I gesture led to the fact that many people loved him and congratulated him on his special act.
The world would be a better place, that is more people like Mehmet.

A touching story (VIDEO) THESE ARE GOOD NEIGHBORS! Look what he did to the whole city because of one man

The whole town had learned sign language to a guy prepared a perfect day
 He's just an ordinary guy who had lost hearing in childhood. Normally, communication with strangers is a challenge for him, but on this particular day he noticed something different happening in his town.

This poignant and emotional day for him prepared his sister, which have helped many companies, neighbors and residents of the city to perform this.

Monday, 2 March 2015

(VIDEO) SEARCH honest and NORMAL WOMAN: This guy sells her virginity for 2,000 euros

This amount he needs to fulfill its debts and its range is very seriously

Sorin Georgiana Salinievici (24) from the Romanian Galati sold her virginity for a minimum of 2,000 euros.

Namely, that it needs to fulfill its debts, and its range is very seriously.
The minimum asking two, and the condition is that a woman will take away his virginity should be honest and normal.

Ladies, what do you think this offer?

(VIDEO) Teenager (15) BUSINESSMAN: She struggled with school and now earns $ 500,000 a year!

Once you've built your own business, I realized that it be capable of learning is not the same as having a nose job, she said Noah Mintz
 Noah Mintz is a 15-year-old who earns more than the majority of average citizens.
The first impression of her spoken of as an average teenage girl who wears a fixed prosthesis, but actually she is the owner of the agency for child care which was founded in August 2012. Last summer hired a director who leads her agency while she herself attending classes.
The agency rents space in a building in Manhattan, New York. Noah helped father who runs a private joint stock company and that is the registered owner of the agency. I borrowed her capital, but the expected return on investment as well as any other investment.
Even Noah did not invent the idea itself. Her mother said their family, which is still except for Noah and three brothers and sisters, that they find a better nanny for their family. When that failed, she started helping her mother's friends to find reliable babysitters.
"It amused me to get to know the family and ask nanny with whom they will get along well," said Noah, which at that time attended 7th grade.
"I did not expect success, but I decided to try," said Noah, who lives on the Upper West Side with his parents and three siblings.
Last year the business has tripled so from then-50 rating number increased to 190. First, the chargeable service 100 to $ 200."I have not charged enough, even as we and the clients themselves have said that should I charge a lot more," said Noah, because everyone is looking for a nanny for a longer period. Today charged 15 percent of the annual salary of each babysitters. Home salaries in New York is $ 50,000 per year.
Noah now earns about $ 500,000 a year, but in fact no plans to stop. "I odlikašica and I definitely struggled with school, but after I built her own business, I realized that it be capable of learning is not the same as having a nose job. I took the opportunity to give me a job helping to get more confident in school" said Noah.


In the courtyard are four cars and even about 2,000 horsepower, and then followed by bursts Symphony
 Bridal, bridal, fire!
Zapevajmo brothers loving this song all, whoa bro!
Let's raise up "Kalashnikovs," another woman to us!
Fire, fire, fire!

This is how it looks when you go on the Arabian wedding bride! Everything is at a level that would Her Zika said. In the courtyard are four cars and even around 2,000 horsepower. The choreography consists of two "Mercedes S-class", "Lexus LH460" and BMW 7 Series And then ... Fire!

This clip should look!

More than a flute, flute less than (VIDEO) kinkiest MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: He was doing something and playing a little

With instrument "digi fong" rarely met, but only when you see how it is used, you will surprisingly
 The sound of ancient times creates a variety of instruments, but there's a lip which is rarely heard.

His name is "digi fong" a method of creating sound will surely surprise because in addition to his mouth and uses one finger hands.

An elderly man in the video clip showed how to use the instrument and the sound it can create. But what everyone catches your eye is that he uses for his playing middle finger.

See how it looks when he plays:

Unbelievable (VIDEO) The homeless helped a stranger in need, and then followed a surprise ...

He told how the homeless since last November when his house burned down
 During the snowstorm that swept Colorado last week, homeless Shelby Hudgens helped a foreigner so as to push the car together, and it uphill.

All camera crews are local television stations that were on the ground.

Appendix touched many viewers, and one of them has launched a web page for donations to assist Hudgens. For five days the people are for it donated more than $ 8,000. In addition, one of the viewers paid him a hotel room, while others even offered the job.

Shelby Hudgens was shocked. He told how the homeless since last November when his house burned down. Since then, the car lives with his dog.

Good job that could be done for him a new beginning of a better life.

Device that increases lip

(VIDEO) O GOD, WHAT TO DO: Brittany (24) wanted lips as starlets, here's what happened to her!
I removed the device from the lips and looked at herself in the mirror, I thought, "Oh my God, what have I done, ispričaka girlfriend
 Brittany Foster (24) from Perth in Australia, like most girls today, she wanted to have her lips fuller. Through the Internet has acquired a device that increases the lips but not with silicone or some other means. The manufacturer claims that the lips for a few seconds rise to what the BRITA GmbH convinced.

Britney decided to see how it works and try the device, and the result was shocking.

"I removed the device from the lips and looked at herself in the mirror, I thought," Oh my God, what have I done? ". This is not possible. Soon I looked again and wondered:" What have I done to myself? "She said, she "Daily Mail Australia".

Brittany was not angry at the company, nor is considered the responsible, it is not because the color on her lips remained several days. Company representatives said they marker on the lips of the longest standing seven days, after that each use of any device disappears.


(VIDEO) UNBELIEVABLE: Michael (40) said plain soup, and she brought him a large fortune

The woman asked me, "What is that stone?", I deleted it and saw that it looks like a pearl, so I decided to put it in your pocket and take it home to America, says Michael who later suffered a shock

 Michael Serino (40) police officer from Massachusetts was on his way to Portugal, where he stopped at a restaurant to eat something.
I ordered the seafood soup and then something unexpected happened.

While he ate in his mouth he felt "stone" for which he almost broke a tooth.

"The woman asked me," What is that stone? ", I deleted it and saw that it looks like a pearl, so I decided to put it in your pocket and take it home to America," said Serino after returning from vacation.

After that, Michael and his wife were watching a show about pearls and are just about to faint: their "stone" is in fact a very rare and precious pink pearl, which can reach a price of 13,000 euros!

There was a general search, a "treasure" found in a jewelry box of one of their three daughters.

The value of the discovery of soup was confirmed by an American institute, and the probability of finding such a pearl is 1 in 100,000. Couple Serino now eagerly due on 15 March this auction will be held which will offer a pearl.

The starting price will be 4,400 euros, and in the auction house say that the sky is the limit.


(VIDEO) exploit Her : Sara is a man whom he never met sent $ 1.4 million

Sara fell in love a year and a half after the boy met on dating site, and so far have not yet seen

An American woman is a man whom she met on the Internet, and he never saw her in person, sent $ 1.4 million.

Sara fell in love with Chris Olsen year and a half after it was found on the dating site. He was her as a refreshment after passing through two divorces. I have not seen live, but they spent hours talking over the phone. Kris told her he was Italian, but that is because of the work he lived in South Africa, Nigeria and Benin.


During their communication Kris she asked for money on several occasions.

 According to her, he was trying to come to America to be met, but each time he was arrested at the border "because of false accusations." So Sara constantly sending him money to help him out of prison, but for other reasons. Paid his hotel bills, "stolen" credit cards, but bail which was about $ 550,000.

"My first thought was how a handsome man even talk to me. However, we talked for hours every day and I'm in love with him," said Sara, who admitted that her time Kris little changed emphasis while talking to her.

But she still thinks that he is not a fraud and that he would come to marry her.

For this reason, spoke to Dr. Phil to help her to meet him.


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