Saturday, 17 September 2016

The happiest man in the world? He survived the plane explode, but became a millionaire - in the same week

Do you believe that happiness is the most important of all the cards that can be granted in life? To have good health and a bad effort guarantee for the achievement of objectives, without fortune, which would have given a strong boost? Surely you've heard the saying "born to me, mother, happy, and me to throw garbage." Recent events in the life of an Indian show that the right child of happiness, and his story is competing for the script of a Hollywood blockbuster.

All passengers and crew were evacuated before the plane turned into an inferno,Indian Mohammed Bashir Abdul Kadar experienced 3 August accident on Emirates flight EK 521 plane, which was flying from India to the United Arab Emirates crashed on landing at the airport in Dubai.Mohammed was among the 300 passengers and escaped from the scene of an accident a few minutes before the plane turned into a huge fireball.Just six days later, 62-year-old won a million dollars after the raffle drawn just his winning ticket.Mohammed, who works as a car salesman in Dubai, bought a ticket before going on a family vacation in Trivandrum, in Kerala, in southern India.Upon his return, the plane crashed, and sheer luck, all crew members and passengers, among whom were 24 Britons and six Americans, withdrew to a safe distance before the remains of the aircraft swallowed flames.According to the "Gulf News" Muhammad on Tuesday confirmed that he is the owner of the lucky ticket number 0845, which was bought in fri bunch of Dubai on a terminal before departure."I worked in Dubai 37 years, and I've always considered him their homeland. I lived the life of an ordinary man, but now that came the pension I feel like God has given me a chance for a second life after I survived the accident. I think I blessed with this money that I did good work, "said Mohammed for" Gulf news ".His escape from the plane described as a miracle and the gift of God."I knew that my God has preserved for a reason. It is likely that this gain," he added.It was the 17th ticket that he bought in his life, and that four months before retiring.Now we are planning to return to his native place and that the money from your winnings to help those who were less fortunate than him.Wonderful story, is not it?

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