Wednesday, 3 July 2013


9:05 Arrive at work. Coffee, reading the newspaper.
9:20 I got a call from the accounting, they say they can not connect to the server Accounting. I gave them the standard answer no. 112: "Hmm, but for me it works." I chatted a bit and then I advise them to try to reboot and including to log in again. Meanwhile I'm with UPS dumped coffee brewing coffee (coffee is already at the end) and then I hooked the cable servers Accounting. A few moments later, they called again from the books and said it was all right. Nothing more beautiful than a satisfied user.
10:20 That cow of marketing complained that the modem does not work. I mumbled that I was transferred to our specialist communications and switched my connection with the caretaker. The modern telephone equipment actually saves a lot of work!
10:50 The boss came to see me, as, multiplied by complaints about the quality of customer support. I asked who complains. Of course, marketing. The boss said that this will be resolved, he informed me that there will be no rest day and went to play tennis.
11:05 This Monday I always dokosuri. I wrote the book, "Going shopping for disks" and fled the city.
16:20 Back from "buying diskettes." I looked at the message counter, it was empty. It seems that the reason for this is that I did not include machine. I fixed it and amplifying remarks in the diary.
16:25 Going home.
9:10 Again he stopped me in the head again and he wanted to convey the appeal of those cows marketing. I showed him a new screensaver Hot Amanda, who just last week passed the Internet. Head is very like him, he was up, so I gave him a floppy and asked him how they resolve complaints. He replied that he would probably hire one more worker, because I can not get all that I am.
9:50 I reached the eighth level of Doom's.
10:25 He called expert adviser to the deputy director of production. He wanted to know how to excel in drawing graphics. I told him to have such special requirements of professional advisers and switched my connection with the caretaker. It is good that we have these handsets.
11:00 He's a janitor. He said he had some people call us and ask him weird things. I told him I'd teach him for me if you sit by the phone for an hour. He agreed.
11:05 Going to lunch.
14:00 Back from lunch. Janitor fair sitting by the phone. He said the phone would ring, and that all calls forwarded to a buffet. This guy is really good!
14:10 I began to teach janitors (also known as Pera) DOOM-in. He was a good student, and after a few hours I was wiped clear. I guessed that this guy has a future.
16:00 Perry shift was over, so we ended up with the school and Doom. I left for an hour. I was thinking what to do and I remembered Accounting server from yesterday. Several times I tried the power switch, to see if it works. The switch worked without problems; stuff was worse as far as the UPS and the server.
16:30 Departure from work.
8:30 The boss kept his promise and brought a new man for technical support. Some Milan. I showed him the room to the server, switch and set his computer on the desk. Few protested because he was paid only XT, but I assured him that he was quite sufficient for Windows black and white screen.
9:00 Milan's computer had just finished boot sequence. Milan immediately began to take an interest in it to attach to a network: therefore I had created a user name. The minimum length of the password I set it to 64 characters, and a little boy enjoys.
9:15 I got a call from accounting because they need a username to a new worker. I replied that I was, that takes a special form to be signed by the head of the department, all the other managers, and warehouse manager. Few were surprised, but stopped as soon as I hang up on them.
10:05 Her name is some kind of Peace of accounting, as it needs a password for the network. By voice seems to have between nineteen and twenty, I asked her for the name, surname, date of birth, marital status, address and telephone number. The assumption was correct - nineteen, unmarried. So I told her to tell her the password supplied in the evening, in person, at home.
11:05 Milan finally "drove" his XT and went to work. I sent him a pack of cigarettes, only let the young learner.
11:20 Milan brought cigarettes. I showed him the manual system AS 400 and told him to sit by the phone, some experience and practice. Then I went to lunch.
16:00 Back from lunch. Milan has apparently suffered a nervous breakdown - three hours trying to run server Accounting. Ispsovao I sent him the new cigarettes. Then I re-hooked the Ethernet cable to the server. The TV picture is therefore a little spoiled, but the job ultimately will prevail.
16:10 secretary in the personnel asked to include a spell check. I advised her the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Del. Thank you and hung up.
16:30 Milan caught in the toilet reading the classified ads with job offers. I thought the day was successful and otistao home.
8:30 Again appeared boss (right now will every morning to come here and do not even get to read the newspaper), but luckily brought good news - Milan reported that more will come to work. I said that the fact that it's hard to find a man that's worth something. I mean, really! I share this warm little place with others?!
8:55 I called someone from logistics, says he can not get Yu fonts. I asked him what kind of a chip on the graphics card and, of course, is not known. I snapped at him to first learn the basic information about your computer and then called me again.
9:15 Again he called one of logistics; learned that chips on a video card has nothing to do with fonts. I replied that I did not ask for the video card, but for graphics. He apologized, said he would find out and hung up.
9:30 I got a call from economic, to be on the invoice instead of retaining the letters appear accents. It was already the case with the other fonts that day, so I promised to do something about it. After some thinking I decided to change all central document templates. I put white letters on a white background; safe side I changed the standard font to Wingdings.
10:00 Amid the ninth level of Doom came by Pera, and we played DOOM over networks and thrashed some moron from another department. In doing so he wrote what we all think about his nepojavnoj nonsense.
12:00 Pera asked me if I would have lunch with him. I thought how much more debilnih questions about fonts expected and went with him. After that I did not go back to work.
9:00 Arrive at work. Reading newspapers.
9:25 Some of unfortunate planning called because he forgot the password, so he asked for advice. I advised him to use a special procedure to reset a password - FDISK. Thank you and hung up. Oh God, do such people have the right to vote?
9:35 Again he called one of the planning. A password has been resolved, but there is a new - after booting the system his answer Error accessing Drive 0 I told him it was a hardware problem and that he needs a new computer.
10:15 Mahler unfortunate that we have it yesterday and beat it to DOOM-in on the sixth level was boss. He flew to my office mad as hell and did not react to my new screensaver Obsession. Since Monday I have a shoot-off ticket.
10:00 I'm doing what I was doing Milan, that is. read the ads offering employment and occur on a selected few. During the breaks between calls dressing up macros, add command DeleteDocument. Without a good support system no company will be successful.
11:15 I found a new job. It is in fact exactly the same function that I have had here, and the software company, which last year put on the market a new operating system. At the farewell worm hits the network, change the order of extensions to the telephone exchange, removes any password to enter the building and packing coffee cup.

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