Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shock in the morning show, head lost her temper: Video has over 5 million hits!

British celebrity host Holly Willoughby is the morning show lost it - and see for themselves that is shown in the two days more than 5 million times!
New hit hara YouTube: the morning show 'This Morning', in the 32-year-old presenter Holly Willoughby toured the British reality TV star Katie Hopkins.

And Katie is shocked by his statements as hostess, as the audience! In the interview, the reality star told friends that their children choose the names and judge people according to how they are called.

It is believed that the children's names Chantelle, Charmaine, Chardonnay, Tyler and many other names' below, problematic class "- her children have friends with those names.

'A lot of you know someone's name, there are some names that we simply disgusting. Using figure out the name of the class that baby comes and ask you a question - if I want to have my kids play with them? Chardonnay, so I do not want my children to play with someone who is named after a bottle of wine ', began hearing 38-year-old Katie.

There are host Holly iĹživcirala claiming that it is' snobbish 'and that' full of prejudices. "

'Why would she do that? Why? I do not understand. Listen, it's terrible what you're saying, "he told Holly, and finally 'cracked' and said to her, 'Now, wait, wait, that's it, we're not talking about this anymore!'

The video has caused a great public outcry and soon became a huge hit on YouTube, where he raised over $ 5 million hits! Otherwise, Katieina children named India and Poppy; she believes that fine names. Watch a video that was particularly scandalized the public!

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