Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Best ever love story

Girl of my dreams :)

Every guy has one right?

The girl you just wish you could be with but can't.

I met a girl about 4 years ago, I went to her property to take some photos of her horses and from the very moment I met her I fell for her, she was beautful, smart, funny and there was this chemistry between us which just grew over the years.

We caught up at various times always with friends but she was married so I just left it alone and resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't something that was ever going to happen but I was always happy to see her and would always follow her post on facebook etc and make some cheeky comment.

We were really good friends and have always been that way to each other.

I went through a relationship breakup this year and decided to make a load of changes to my life, one of them was to move from the Country back to the city. Her marriage broke up around the same time and I noticed from her FB posts that something was going on and then finally a post came up saying "guess I'm single again" so I responded with "oh bollox and just when I've moved back to the city and I'm single as well" I was just kidding around and forgot about it.

A while later I got a pm from her and we started chatting which then migrated to sms and then I called her and during the conversation I just clumsily said that I had always had a thing for her and then she told me she felt the same way. She had always been attracted to me, she used to dream about me all the time and when she realised I was single she knew she had to act on it. I was gobsmacked, I had no idea all this time that she felt like that about me and she had no idea I felt that way about her.

So I invited her down to my place to catch up and when she got here the chemistry between us was off the scale. We had a wonderful time together and stayed up until sunrise talking, hugging and kissing. This wasn't just some girl I had met in the pub or from a dating site this was my dream girl, the one who I always wished if things were different I could be with, and here she was with me, telling me that she wanted us to be together.

So we have started dating and it's just beautiful. Last night we slept together, she told me she loved me. I woke up this morning and she was lying next to me just looking at me, those gorgeous eyes, a big smile on her face. She looked so beautiful.

I still can't believe I'm with the girl of my dreams

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