Monday, 30 September 2013

Best performed song of all time?!

Those that are accepted are usually buried for all time, but those who fail to perform, and these are rare, they are definitely ensure the next round and little media coverage.

Best performed song of all time?! Watch the video:
"I Will Always Love You", the song Dolly Parton, which is their version of "Bodyguard" in 1992. The famous Whitney Houston has always been tempting to competitors in the musical seam to these.

Those that are accepted are usually buried for all time, but those who fail to perform, and these are rare, they are definitely ensure the next round and little media coverage. And this is exactly the case with the 24-year-old Ashly Williams, who claim this song simply "broken" and broke the legs of everyone, according to Index.

And her audition was even more impressive after the story of his mother's murder that happened Ashly was a teenager. "You know what Ashly? This is why we brought the show to America: To find someone like you, "he told her, Simon Cowell.

Natural Wonder: This is a lake that has no bottom (Video)

The Albanian lake blue eye, which is a real draw for tourists, is actually a hole that is connected groundwater. The pressure of water and creates no one has been able to dive to the bottom

Lake Blue Eye in Albania is a natural phenomenon because it has no bottom! Blue Eye is actually a hole that is connected groundwater through it exposes. The very hole that has not been officially investigated, by some accounts is deep about 45 feet.

This natural phenomenon is located on the western slope of the mountain Đere small and close to the road that leads to the city of Saranda.

Although swimming and diving in the blue eye permissible, because of the water whose temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, it is those who want to embark on such an adventure.

- I was the first man to dive in Blue Eye in 1984. The current was so strong that I almost took off a diving mask, so I was forced to keep extra hands. As I went deeper, the current became stronger and stronger, until I came to a depth of 20 meters, where I felt that I can not continue because the pressure of the river that flows was unbearable - said Ksemal Mato, an environmental activist.

According to the tourist site "Albania", tourists often come here to cast a stone at the center of the lake, just that after a while the same rock again modeled on the surface ..


REALLY UNIQUE: Prosidba that will surely endear (VIDEO)

Marriage proposals that have been circulating the Internet are very different. Among them is extremely unpleasant that ended badly or those wonderful that touched all who look at this clip.

Proposal that we have passed on this occasion is not only beautiful but also unique and can safely say that such a thing has never seen before.

Proposal took place after the couple surfing on a joint board, which is probably not their only entertainment but perhaps a symbol of unity, confidence ... after all, look at the video and enjoy:


INGENIOUS: See how the Japanese multiply!

While many of us are used with fingers, a calculator and a variety of tools to make a calculation, the Japanese have improved their technique and extremely simple multiplication, which could even be described as fun.

 Japanese-multiplication is already known in the world to the Asians and their refinement in mathematics and numeracy tell jokes, and for that there is a valid reason, testifies this video.

The Japanese have developed a technique of multiplication, which is enough to draw straight lines and counting their intersections.

The result is correct, and can be reached by more than simply and quickly.

Watch the video:

VIDEO: Britney Spears recorded a new spot

Pop princess Britney Spears has delighted many fans around the world of the new video clip for the song "Work Bitch".

 Judging by initial reactions, Britney made ​​a video of which can be heard only positive reviews. Premiere of the video for the new song is expected in the next few days.

Otherwise, it is said to be the second single from the eighth studio album, Spears will be the song "Perfume" by Britney wrote in collaboration with singer axiom.

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