Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A drunken pilot was taken from the airplane "BriteŇ° Airways"

The flight of Brithis Airways, which was due to depart from Mauritius from Gatwick airport in London, was postponed for two hours because of a pilot who was drunk trying to operate an airplane.
They apologize
According to Bi-Bi-Si, the pilots pulled out of the plane and took him to the airport hand-crafted building.

The BriteŇ° Airways company apologized for delaying the flight, while the police did not comment on the case.

A mysterious letter appeared - the refugees from Alkatraz are still alive?

John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris fled from Alcatraz in 1962 and entered the legend - they were never caught, and neither of their bodies was found, so there was a real mystery about whether these three prisoners survived the escape or from here it is really impossible to get out alive.

Their story was inspired by the film of the same name, Escape from Alcatraz, with Clint Eastwood as the main role, but the whole story now got a sequel after the FBI confirmed it was re-investigating the case.

Namely, she leaked information to the public that the local police received in 2013 a handwritten letter in which John Anglin claims that all three survived.

He also describes in detail how they did it, so they pray for a settlement, which he would spend in prison for another year, and then officially became a free man.

- My name is John Anglin. I escaped from Alcatraz in June 1962 with my brother Clarence and Frank Morris. I am 83 years old, I have cancer and I'm in a bad condition. Yes, we all survived the escape, albeit barely - writes in a letter received by San Francisco police.

The letter was forwarded to the FBI, after which several tests were published, but it was not reliably established whether Anglin really wrote it or was a scam.

According to the letter, three robbers broke ventilation holes at a width sufficient for an adult man and thus escaped from jail.

The guards were deceived by making puppets, which even had human hair, so that their escape would not be immediately detected.

In order to get to the mainland, they used raincoats and life jackets, claims "Anglin".

If the letter is authentic, that bank robber lives in southern California today, while his brother died in 2011 and Frank in 2008.

- If you publicly promise on television that I will spend at least one year in jail and receive medical care, I will write again and find out exactly where I am. This is not a joke - wrote the alleged English.

The police option, however, was rejected.

"We have no reason to believe that any of the three of them have changed so much that they respect the law today," the official police official said.

All three in Alkatraz were found after repeated failed attempts to escape from prison in Atlanta.

The FBI case remains open.

He escaped from prison and was arrested when he tried to return

A prisoner who escaped from a federal prison in the US with the intention of returning with bottles of spirits and homemade food was arrested in southern Texas.

Jefferson County Sheriff says that the fugitive 25-year-old Joshua Hansen is charged with escaping and possessing marijuana, and is primarily charged with possession of narcotics, AP reports.

Hansen was noticed by the sheriff's deputy on Wednesday when he entered a private estate not far from Bjumont prison where he was serving a sentence

He took the bag containing three bottles of spirits, tobacco and plenty of homemade food.

He was arrested when he tried to return to prison.

The ranger who lives nearby told local television that for years they have a problem with offenders who are escaping from prison and then returning.

Zombie deer hurts America, does disease spread to humans?

The deadly disease, which causes deer to look and behave like zombies, is on the rise in the US and parts of Canada, more accurately reported in a total of 22 US states and two Canadian provinces this month, according to the media.

It's called "Chronic Wasting Disease" (CWD), and it's also a zombie deer disease.

It is about the fact that the infection progresses by attacking the brain, the spinal cord, and other tissues, which gradually results in a dramatic loss of weight, a lack of coordination, and even aggression before the end result is at the end of life.

Although it is not yet known whether it is transmissible to humans, recent tests have been made to find out more about it. It has been shown, that the macaque monkeys could easily get the disease after consuming infected meat.

This fact slowly in the media provokes fears that a variant of the disease that would be transmissible to humans may soon be possible.

Zombie deer disease was first observed 50 years ago, and the Colorado State Department was the epicenter.

The disease can be infected both by wildlife and those from breeding, and it is known to have bizarre effects on those infected, but can also pass years before the animal begins to show the symptoms of the infection.

An unusual nickname of the disease is due to the symptoms it causes. With an astonishing view of the animal, it is also known that the ribs are so exposed that they are visible to the naked eye, which is caused by sudden weight loss.

Although it has been thought for a long time that there is a "barrier of species" that would prevent the spread from deer to man, recent findings show that the risk can nevertheless be higher than it has been suspected so far, and various warnings for hunters have been issued.

Mark Zabel, assistant director of the Prion Research Center at the University of Colorado, notes that some experts suspect that "it's only a matter of time before a form that can turn on people appears."

These are real Masha and Meda - craziness or courage?

Model Ana Rastovna did a photo session, no less or no more than a bear.

Regardless of what this animal could do with a single blow to "wipe it off the face of the earth," Ana had been crazy all the time ...

Here's why they got the nickname of Masha and the Bear.

The most experimental experiments that scientists carried on themselves

Due to the slow progress of medicine and the lack of "volunteers", scientists and researchers have in the past been forced to experiment on themselves. Some of the experiments were extremely dangerous, and sometimes deadly.

Randolf Lovlis II
The American surgeon investigated the effect of the altitude flight on the body during the Second World War. He had already developed a mask with oxygen scavenger, and watched people lose consciousness after jumping from a plane at a height of 12,000 meters.

Still, he believed that they were weak, so he did the same thing himself and then only recommended wearing a mask.

Max Jozef von Petenfer
A medical researcher from the 19th century believed that the bacterium itself was not enough to cause cholera - a disease that leads to severe diarrhea.

That's why he drank a cocktail of bacteria from the cholera, which he made from the liquid patient's chair. He got ill in 24 hours, but the disease was more mild. He was not sorry because he worked with the goal of "raising awareness about hygiene standards in society".

J.B.S. Hollywood
The British geneticist was known for his "twist", so he drank the sonic acid to see how it works on muscles. The army employed him to treat decompression sickness after diving.

Instead of tracking experienced divers, Holdein himself embarked on an experiment in a special chamber he built, and ended with severe injuries to the spinal cord and punctured bumps. His father and sister worked similarly, and their family motto probably was that without suffering and sacrifice there was no great success.

John Hunter
The famous British physician from the 18th century was also treated by Lord Byron, Benjamin Franklin and King George III. Then the full-blown diseases were an enigma, and he believed that gonorrhea and syphilis were two forms of the same disease.

To prove this, he injected directly into his penis-pus man-infected gonorrhea. Soon the symptoms of gonorrhea and syphilis developed, which apparently proved their claim. What he did not know was that the patient from whom he collected the sample had syphilis without symptoms.

Henri Hed
A British neurologist investigated the recovery of the nerves after damage, and some of his experiments included cutting his own arm and injuring the nerves, so that he would monitor for years how much it took to regain the sensation in his hand.

He did all this because he was not pleased with the reports of patients with the same condition, since they did not know the medical jargon. The second experiment was to immerse the penis alternately in hot and cold water.

Santorio (Santorio Santorini)
The Italian scientist Santorio from the 16th century spent almost 30 years on the scale to study the workings of human metabolism.

He built a huge scales on which he spent most of the day and recorded in detail how much he drank liquids and ate food, and recorded the amount of his big and small necessity. His studies pave the way to the understanding of metabolism, and Santorio is the first man to regularly measure his chair.

Monday, 12 February 2018

He drove from Sweden to Switzerland with tone and snow on the roof

The Swiss police stopped a Swedish bus that went on a motorway with more than 1.5 tonnes of snow on board and ordered the driver to remove snow.

Police of the canton Solothurn said the bus was reported to the police yesterday afternoon and was stopped on the highway near Ensingen.

It was then established that on board had more than 40 centimeters of snow.

The police appealed to bus and truck drivers to clean snow and ice vehicles, which could fall off and threaten traffic.

The twins of the Tramp and the Chimpanzee have caused a confusion in the opening of the ZOI

Doubles of US and North Korean President Donald Tramp and Kim Jong-Un - prompted a stir in the stands during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, before the security was taken from the stadium.

Duke of Kim and Tram in Pyongyang at the opening of the Olympic Games
People who resembled Tramp and Kim appeared together in a section of the stands, photographed, and even answered questions.

"You see that we agree," said Kim's duo, who was guarding the stadium from the stadium while he shouted, "Keep my sister."

The opening ceremony was also attended by the sister of South Korean leader Kim Jo Jong who sat a few meters away from US Vice President Michael Pens.

At the opening ceremony, another incident took place when an unknown man, who hid in front of a joint Korean delegation on a defile, succeeded in getting into the field.

The man wanted to step into the field of the Olympic Stadium and develop a transparent with an obvious political message, but slipped on the ice, and then overcame him and carried out the security forces.

Will Putin be a leader who will tell the world that aliens exist?

Russian President Vladimir Putin could be the man who will enter history by announcing that aliens have already visited our planet.
Namely, the conspiracy theorists say after spending a week in Moscow and inviting the Kremlin to publish information about the existence of another species in the universe. A group of people gathered in Paradigm Research (PRG) from the United States believes in an unproven conspiracy theory that world powers are hiding the secret of visiting aliens to the planet Earth.

Founder of PRG Steve Basset is the only registered lobbyist in the United States for the so-called discovery of alien existence. However, he does not think that US President Donald Tramp is the one who will reveal to the world the "truth", and therefore traveled to Moscow to try to persuade the Russian president in that.

He spent a week in Moscow to convince Putin to lift an "embargo on the truth about aliens". He said, according to the British Express, that the embargo is in place since 1947, when the alleged unidentified flying object collapsed in Roswell, New Mexico. During his stay in Russia, he gave an interview to TV REN.

- I particularly emphasized my intrigue about why Putin did not accept this commitment that 26 years since the Cold War talks about this issue and why he should be the leader who will discover the whole thing. I understand this somewhat, but given that it is the nation that first confirmed the existence of aliens, they must, in turn, move to the very center of events. It's an incredible opportunity for him, "Basset told TV REN.

- If I only got two minutes of time with Putin, I would ask him why he does not want to tell people that aliens really exist. I believe that Putin is aware of their existence - said Baset, who added that in Russia and the Soviet Union there were alien-related phenomena, involving government and the public.

This is the first interview in which a country leader is called to "communicate the truth to the alien world," the PRG said, and that they always pointed out that Putin is the one who will reveal the truth to the world and show evidence.

HE WAS DIFFICULTIES FOR THE FIRST WOMAN'S WOMAN: Ten Years Endured It, And This Way Has Completed!

Lin had fun with her boyfriend, and at that time she bathed once a week.

"After the wedding, the situation worsened. She first started bathing once a month and then twice a year," her husband claims.

He could no longer stand the situation when his wife began to bathe once a year. Linin's husband claims that they have had sex only once a year due to the unusual habits of their wife and that they did not have children of a marriage that lasted ten years. Lin is unemployed, and her former husband was soon unemployed.

"I had the opportunity to work as a guard, but Lin urged me to stay home and worry about her brother," says his husband. They were financed by a groom's mother who occasionally paid them daily expenses.

"We are still poor because none of us worked, I could not pay for health insurance or afford to go to the dentist," the husband complains. In 2015, he found a job and moved out of his family home. After his wife appeared in the workplace and asked to quit, the man decided to request a divorce.

Lin says she opposes divorce and has treated her parents as their own son. She also says that she went to his place because she did not answer. The court granted a divorce, but Lin can appeal the decision.

EASY CONSEQUENCES: He drank 6 liters of carbonated drinks a day, here's what happened to his teeth!

One young man will surely regret that he drank six liters of coke a day. The dependence on carbonated drinks cost him a lot.

Michael Sheridan was forced to remove all his teeth because they were completely destroyed. In addition, he suffered severe pains because he was horribly hurt in contact with any food.

"I was addicted to soda drinks, I drank six liters a day, and often more, and I knew that the dentist would tell me that I had to stop drinking carbonated, so I never went to him, because I could not give up the carbonated one. I knew that I will have to get all my teeth and make new ones, but I could not afford it, "says Michael.

Michael recreates water polo and accidentally met the dentist David who decided to free his teeth for free.

"I knew his teeth were a serious threat to his health, he could not chew like normal people and had constant pain." Oral health is extremely important and many do not visit the dentists as much as they should, "said the dentist.

Michael was taken out of all 27 teeth he had in his jaw, and currently has temporary prosthesis, after which the dentist will install implants.

HELICOPTER IS CREATING A CLACKER ?! Child imagination, really, can do anything!

In Angola, the civil war ended only a year ago. It lasted over three decades. The Earth is still full of "remnants" of war. So a military helicopter was left somewhere in a village.

And there's a great opportunity for kids to have fun with this vehicle. Children like children, of all the ability to make a good party. Look at the great idea they came!

Sunday, 11 February 2018


If you thought or were convinced that the best electricians are the ones we are looking at at world and European championships ... ... you've been cheated.

The best stonotenizer comes from, no less or no more, than Finland! What this young man can do with a racket and a ball, probably, no one can!

Scientists: DNA suggests that the Britons 10,000 years ago had dark skin and blue eyes

Scientists from the United Kingdom said that DNA with a 10,000-year-old skeleton found in English caves suggests that this man had dark skin and blue eyes.

Scientists from the British Museum of Natural History and the University College in London analyzed the genome of the "man from Cedar", whose skeleton was found in the Cedar canyon in the southwest of England in 1903. It is the oldest complete skeleton found in the United Kingdom.

The extract of DNA extracted from the bones according to the analysis indicates blue eyes, dark curly hair and "dark to black" skin pigmentation.

The researchers reported that the evidence suggests that the pale skin of Europeans developed much later than previously thought.

The findings will be presented in a documentary on Channel 4 for Channel 4 on February 18.

Mexico: tiger cub on express mail

Mexican inspectors found a young lion in a package that someone had sent by mail.

According to the AP, no one even suspected that the tiger was in the package, until the dog's searchers had smashed it.

The cinder was sent to an unknown person from the Mexican state of Halisko, and was sent to another country in Mexico, Keretaro. A young tiger was found in a dehydrated state, but was soon handed over to the Animal Protection Center and is now in a stable condition.

As alleged, the tiger had all the necessary papers, but it was confiscated, because it is illegal to send animals to fast mail through Mexican law.

The investigation is underway.

HOW IT HAPPENED: The boy stuck in a toy machine

A boy made a seemingly impossible venture, as he managed to enter and stuck in a toy machine.

The incident occurred in the US city of Tytusville, Florida, when a boy named Mason, enjoying food in a restaurant, saw the toy in a machine he wanted a lot of.

Read more - Clean the toys once a week

The child got into the apparatus, but he could not get out, and they had to get him out of the fire department.

Members of the fire brigade, who took five minutes to free the boy, told local media that Mason nevertheless received the desired plush toy.


The Romanian University has published the results of the study on whether it is safe to eat snow under what conditions.

According to the results of the research, it is safe to eat snow which is "old" half a day.

Istvan Mate from the University of Transylvania told the AP that it is safer to eat during the colder months, but that it is not safe if the snow is "old" for two days.

Scientists, who conducted the experiment, collected snow from the park and circular stream in the central part of Romania in January and February last year and then placed it in sterile, hermetically sealed boxes.

Then they tried to develop bacteria in the snow. One day, five bacteria developed per milliliter in January, while in February their number increased four times.

A volunteer in Denmark found over $ 8,000 in a donated coat

A Danish volunteer in a donated goods store found himself in a coat pocket he was preparing for the sale of euro banknote bundles worth $ 8,284.

Jens Erik Kristensen told the regional newspaper that he arranged for donated clothes as he works several times a week as a volunteer in the city of Sore, 80 kilometers west of Copenhagen.

He said for today's edition of Dagbladet Ringsted and Siaelland's list that it was usually done to check whether the coat had a button, whether he was working with jokes and checked his pockets, when he noticed a pocket with a bulge in which he found a bundle of euro banknotes, and not a handkerchief or scraps of paper he expected.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

The airline has accepted the map for almost 20 years

US Airlines has accepted as a valid passenger airplane almost 20 years old.

John Walker of Greenburne, a city in the US state of North Carolina, found in January in a subwoofer drawer for a flight on the Nashville-Sacramento route on December 31, 1998, writes "Independent".

The map was purchased, said Walker, for a trip to Sacramento to commemorate a wedding, scheduled for January 2, 1999.

However, he could not leave and asked for his ticket refunded.

From the airline they replied that the money for the ticket could not be returned to him, but that he could use it for a future flight in the same value.

"I put it off because I did not intend to travel anywhere soon," Walker said.

"Then I completely forgot about it," he said.

Looking for something else beneath the bed, nearly 20 years later, Walker found a flight letter and a letter from United Airlines.

The letter said it could use the ticket on all domestic flights "forever" and decided to check whether it was "forever" and today.

Although the airline declared a bankruptcy in 2010, it was told from the company that, as its case was unique, it would be recognized as a voucher.

He is still waiting for a $ 378 voucher, now worth $ 571 for inflation, writes "Independent".

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