Thursday, 11 June 2015

This is a true love story ... I do not know whose, but it is sad ...

"We've been friends a couple of months before any relationship began. My brother introduced us and then it was summer. He had a girlfriend and they were happy and I'm not a girl to separate two beings who love each other. So I hid my grief as I watched him when he loved another. And it was really hard to hide the pain always smiling in front of it to be, but I had no choice. It's been a month, but when I found out that she and he broke. I did not know what to do. Yes I continue as before or stop completely before you hurt me?! She chose to continue as further. We started to hang out often and one day we recognize that he liked me. And I have given him. So little by little we started dating but not all the time because my parents were against me and my boy. It was hard but I do not regret it one bit. These were my favorite days of my life and I'll never forget it. It was a very nice guy and all he understood my situation. He said, "Daniel, I'll wait for you because you're a girl you do not want to miss. "I could not believe that this guy exists. Some guys can not wait a week to see immediately terminate, but not my Almir and that's why I'm madly in love with him. It has been eight months since we're together, we see each other in secret and not bad either. At that time I learned something, something that changed my whole life, I could not believe I did not say before, I could not believe that he will not see anymore. One day he said: "We need to find tomorrow. "I immediately said I can not because the parents. He says:" If you come you will never see me again. "And so I ran away from home when parents are asleep. We were in the park where we constantly spend their time. He told me:" Daniel, do you know how much I love you and I need to ask you something. "He says:" What do you think you and I marry? "They said are you crazy Almira. I'm only 17 years old and you 20. It is impossible. Parents do not give not even a boyfriend. He says:" It's only salvation for us. "And I did not understand anything. I told de please explain what you mean? He said:" Next week I go to Austria for good. "My body trembled, my eyes were full of tears. I'm speechless. 10 minutes we stood in an embrace we have not exchanged a single word. I did not know what to say and neither did he. After those 10 minutes he explained to me that he was sister lost her husband and can not live there alone and neither can come here in Melbourne. I could not blame because it's not fair. He had to go. We cried all night in arms. We promised that we will never stop loving and when I was 20. I think I'll go to him and we spend a lifetime together. Easier for me was when I thought about it. I thought, not long 3 years to wait for him. What is he doing anything for me, I would give and life for him. So he went. And we called on the phone, writing text messages, sent letters. And so each year. While one never heard from him a month No letter, no call, no message. I was worried about right. I called did not answer, she wrote did not answer. I'm sure I'm not mad. He's been a month and a few days ago when I received a letter. He said: "I'm sorry Daniel, but do not love you anymore. I found a new happiness and love is crazy. Come ciao. Forget me, please. If you love me, it is best for both of us. I wish you all happiness with someone else. Ciao. "When I died while I read. I've never cried as not shaking. I wanted to take a knife and kill it. And that is not my friend came, I would not be here writing this to you. So I did as he said. If you love me not to answer more. And I did. I tried to forget it but it is impossible. And still crazy about him. He was my first love. The first guy, first kiss, first fortune. I swore that I would not look for another guy until I finish college. And so it was. I turned 20 and finished medic nurse. I found a job that I liked a lot and I've had what I wanted in life. Just not my Almira. I met a guy in college. He went to the dentist. And so we started dating. And today we are still together. It's a nice guy. Love me crazy, but I can not like him because my heart for the one guy still remained. So we went together for 2 years. And he asked me to marry. I agreed because I knew she would love me, keep, watch as the princess. And I thought, I will not find another like him. On the day of the wedding, we invited all we knew. There were over 200 people. I was getting ready in the room. I sewed a dress itself. And while I was dressing somebody knocking on the door. When I opened it to see who is almost my heart stopped. In front of me was Almir, with tears in his eyes. He said: "Daniel, I do not know what to say, how to apologize." They said please get out of my front figure. He says: "Please Danijela, listen to me only 2 minutes so if you want to go again, I will go out of your life completely." They said well, listen, say and go. He says, "You know what the last letter?" They said to not know. He says: "It's all been a lie. I had another girl. You are my last. I still have not gotten over it and nor will I ever." They said that we are now talking to Almira. How do I know you are not lying, how can I trust you after all these years. Who knows where you were and who you are water. I stayed honest girl. I was only you and this guy Damir. And now I believe you again. I do not want you breaking my heart more. I'm tired of the pain. Please get out of my life. Do not come back. If you love me, forget me like you told me. He says, "Well Daniel." Just one more thing to tell you: "I will love you and I carry you with me to the grave." And he did. I've never seen more. That day I married Damir. And the next day we arrived the letter. From Almira. He said: "Daniel, the reason I left was because my best friend lied and said you were with him behind my back, and you're saying you're going to break up with me and you do not love me. He invented e-mail and sent to me like you you give him all she wrote. He swore me to not say anything just to break up. And so I believe him. After 3 years I have learned the truth. And I learned that you are with the other, so I wanted to check in. He waited when will terminate . And when I heard that you're getting married I had to come. And you did not want to listen to me and now it's come to this sorry end. I did not know what else to do. Without you I can not live, and that's why I killed him. Remember my last words room that day: "I will love you and I carry you with me to the grave. "Remember them well, because they were my last words. Come now, I wish you all the happiness, all the best with Damir. And another request. If you had two sons, Almir give a name to me and other unique because it I wanted our son. And that was the end of the letter. I can not explain how I felt and I'm not trying because while I am writing this to you my tears flowing down his face like raindrops. Now I have 30 years and three children. I gave the name of Almir Edin and Almira. And one more to say. I do not hate my life, because I had something in my life, that are one in a million times. One tip: "If you love something, look out for good, or suffer a lifetime" - as I do for my Almira.. . "

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