Thursday, 13 November 2014

(VIDEO) money is not a piece of cake: Here's what each day you hold in your hands!

For the production of banknotes used a cotton or linen paper because it is more durable and more durable than ordinary

Banknotes we use every day are not plain paper or by value nor its composition - they are not made of paper as used for books, newspapers and the like, but from cotton or flax paper, one that is made of cotton or either of the used textile, weight of 80 to 90 grams per square meter.

It can be used from processed paper and woolen fabrics, which has its advantages; wool fibers containing keratin, a cotton and linen have to be coated with a layer of organic dyes that would not dissolve in water.

Thus made paper is more durable and more durable than ordinary, made of processed cellulose fiber sheets of wood. The secret is in the polymer bonds between carbon atoms in which they exist and which are much stronger than uobičnoj paper.

Also, the process of which of these two materials creates what looks like a paper is quite complex, so that for example in them inject polyvinyl alcohol or gelatin, as Bibi even stronger than they are and to withstand many years and even decades of use.

See how it looks in practice:

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