Thursday, 13 November 2014

ROBINSON FROM WASTE: From trash made rajsto island!

The house on three levels, has two bedrooms, a kitchen, running water, electricity and connected to the internet

Briton Richard Sova (61) is seven years to build his floating eco-paradise Džojgzi, not far from Cancun (Mexico). This artist Midlboroua in Yorkshire, he fulfilled his dream and the only thing he lacked was the person I'd shared an idyllic life on his island of 150,000 bottles.

Luck had smiled at him last year, when the Internet met Jody Bolin (47) from Tennessee.

"I've always loved his life on the island and I enjoyed when I got the opportunity to show it to others. But it is much better now that I have a dear person with whom I can share my life in my sanctuary," he explains. Although located 30 meters from the shore and lay on plastic bottles filled with air, wooden planks and sand, Owl claims that his island has everything you need to make a lady feel comfortable with.

The house on three levels, has two bedrooms, a kitchen, running water, electricity and connected to the internet. Surrounded by palm trees, mangroves and trees that gives rise to all sorts of fruit. Richard grown herbs and other edible plants that is planted here. "My plan is to become fully independent. I'm a vegetarian and on the island nurture a variety of plants for food, but when I want a varied diet, ride his bicycle to a nearby shop, "he explains. Džojgzi is connected with the shore by a bridge built over 30 meters, and Richard is made of plastic bottles and small boat, which can carry eight people.

Jody Bolin was clear that he wanted to live there but when he first visited the island. Of course, under the condition that she be allowed to Richard that she and her female seal. Solar panels provide electricity. Richard is an excellent carpenter and together they made sure that the house is stable and secure.

"The island bobbing on the water, but you seem like you're in the arms of a loved one when you lie down to sleep," says Jody, adding that the two of them enjoy a walk in the morning sun, fresh squeezed juices and coffee. Which, otherwise, always drawn to the architecture of recycled materials and very loving Mexico. "When we met, I thought:" Here is a man who is already living my dream, "she says.

Jody Bolin is one of the most famous models in Japan between their 16 and 22 year graced the cover page of brilliant fashion magazines. Although people tend to think that on the island live comfortably, the truth is that its maintenance requires strenuous physical activity. Džojgzi third Rišarov paradise of the bottle, the previous two were destroyed by hurricanes. Despite this, he never gave up on his dream. Now living from their music and art and show tourists their own private paradise in exchange for voluntary contributions.

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