Monday, 23 December 2013

29 things you'll regret when you get older

When you get old, reflects on the past life, reflects on what he's done and what is not. We bring you 29 things you'll regret if you do not do it at the time, and while you still can. Think about them ...

 1 What you are not traveling whenever you have a chance. Travelling with age becomes increasingly difficult.

2 What you did not learn a foreign language. Kayaks are when you realize that you spent years learning a language at school, and did not remember anything.

3 Do you stay in a bad relationship. Whoever came out of a bad relationship wished it was previously done.

 4 What you have missed the opportunity to see their favorite musicians. No, you can not "another way" to go to a concert of Nirvana.

5 What you are afraid to do things. When you remembered youth will think: What was I so afraid of?

6 What do you physical fitness was not a priority. Most of us spend the best years on the couch. When you have 40, 50 or 60 years, you'll be sorry you missed it reach its maximum.

7 What you are allowed to define gender roles. The argument that in your time, "women did not work" will not fail to convince even themselves.

8 Why did not you quit a bad job. Of course you have to somehow pay the bills, but if you do not even try to find a better job, maybe one day you realize that you've spent 40 years in hell.

9 As you are not trying harder in school. Not so much because of grades in school can have an impact on where it will end up in life, but more because once you understand how it was great to have the opportunity to spend a full day learning, so you'll want to put it no more attention.

10 What you were not aware of how beautiful you are. Most of us spend youth unhappy about their appearance, and then we really were beautiful.

 11 What are you afraid to tell someone - I love you. When you are old, you will not be important to you the love was not reciprocated, but you did not give your loved one know how you feel.

12 What you did not follow the advice of parents. I do not want to listen to them when you are young, but what your parents say about life is mostly true.

13 What you spent youth, thinking only of themselves. Simply put, you will be embarrassed.

14 What you pay too much attention to the opinions of others. For twenty years, you will be an important one of those people for whose opinions are so worried.

15 What you are helping others to achieve their dreams at the expense of their own. Supporting others is wonderful, but not if it means you'll never get a chance to shine.

 16 Why did not act faster. When old people think about how much time it took them to start to do something, they realize how much time they wasted.

17 What were you resentful, especially to those you love. What is the purpose relive the feeling of anger towards someone?

 18 What can not you stand up for himself. Older people do not tolerate crap from anyone. Why would you?

19 What you have not volunteered. Many sad realization that nothing had failed to make the world a better place.

20 What you have missed the opportunity to ask grandparents what interests you. Most of us realize too late what a great resource consists of grandparents. They can explain everything you ever wondered about your proijeklu, but only if you ask them before it's too late.

 21 What you are doing too much. No one on his deathbed not wish to spent more time in the office, but with family, friends, doing hobbies.
 22 Why did not you finish what you started. Hard work and discipline, says Charles Dickens.

 23 As you have not played with their children . From the moment the kids want to play with you , until the moment when they want to get out of their room , get in the blink of an eye .
24 Why did not you let the friendship run its course . People disperse. Desperate to keep something that has passed, instead of to admit that things have changed , it can only be a constant source of anger and sadness.
25 What you are not risked . Knowing that you have at least once in their lifetime risk - even if you have failed - it will be a great comfort when you're old .
26 What you did not know many people . When you are young , shy , various complexes and closed , preventing you to get to know more people , but later in life you realize that the friendships something precious .
27 Do you worry too much . Most of the things that worry never even happens .
28 You have never performed anything to the audience. This is not something for which all complain , but many older people want to have at least once in their lifetime experienced that before a crowd show their talent .

 29 What you did not previously have shown gratitude. At the beginning it is hard to see, but over time it becomes clear that every moment on this planet - from the everyday to that magnificent - a gift that we have an incredibly happy to share it.

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