Monday, 23 December 2013

Ten tips on how to save students money

If you are a student, you probably have a problem with money, because those two things go hand in hand. But you know what? If you are going to spend money only on alcohol, then we are just like your parents, worried. We were so worried that we asked the experts for student discounts and savings on the site what are the best ways to save money. We offer you ten tips on how to save money.

1Join the group and thus can not collect things that other people do not want . That way you can find the laptop , tv , bicycle and many more you need . Talk to people , known or unknown , and be surprised at what they would want to give you, and you say that you do to save the environment , as is the collection of things that other people do not want to express green activity.2Use a television program without overpayment , or at least try to get a discount on the service. In this way, will watch the program later , but you can watch a program that does not require a subscription . Take the family packages that can be much cheaper, and in this way you can get a better price for the internet .3Tips you should always stick to is that when you leave you are carrying as much money as you may spend. We are all familiar with what can happen to our budget after a few more drinks . If you stick to this advice you will not have problems with overly spending money on going out .4Freeze your credit card . This is not a financial term . I really think that a credit card in the freezer . Finance experts say the years : If you are planning to buy something big , stop and think about the purchase. Of course , you may still buy what you planned, but it's still good to think twice when you spend too much amount of money .5Careers store where you shop , because according to research workers have discounts on the purchase of up to 50 percent at the place where they work. This way you will be able to buy things much cheaper .6Make it easy for you . Much you will save if you make a list before purchasing what you really need. The supermarket will be much easier , besides cheaper if you go to the market you are buying cheaper products , and do not forget to make a lunch to take with you . The advice we all know , but often forget about him .7Before you take a slightly larger student loan check in detail the benefits and interest for him . Do not pay insurance , before you check the family insurance policy , as you may find in it some benefits that you can avail .8Never forget to ask for a student discount , and let it become a routine matter . If you respond to a trader does not give a student discount , you may ask , would you start ? It's never been a better time to look for a discount , and students have a special charm , so you can hope that the dealer will not refuse a request for a discount .9Do not buy condoms because they can be obtained free of charge at certain centers and hospitals. Check only that .10Join student groups , such as membership , you can enjoy special discounts. One of these groups was and you will be able to realize many benefits when purchasing both food as well as technical issues .

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