Thursday, 13 November 2014

For years, suffering from severe chest 14 years, and then decided on a drastic move

Pain in her chest and head were so severe that the keris doubt that these are symptoms of a stroke or heart attack

Keris Mark (40) years has been suffering severe back pain and uncomfortable pain, because it is due to hormonal disorders have abnormally large breasts. This woman is wearing a bra size 36NNN baskets that do not exist in standard production. KeriĊĦine cancer have increased over time more and more, and eventually learned that each has seven kilograms. For all these reasons, it is best for the jubilee 40th birthday worshiped plastic surgery.

Pain in her chest and head were so severe that the keris doubt that these are symptoms of a stroke or heart attack. But when she went to the doctor, he explained that lead to inconvenience her large breasts, and diagnosed her gigantomastiju. It is a hormonal disorder caused by uncontrolled growth of male breasts. This disorder was officially diagnosed when breast mass exceeds three percent of the entire body weight. Because of this disorder, Keris is a life really suffered. She could not engage in any physical activity, people are constantly staring at her in the street and asked me to touch her breasts to make sure they were real.

She claims that she had to use duct tape to make breasts held in place. Although for many years thinking about surgery for this action is decided just before the 40th birthday, when the pain became unbearable. "I thought, happy birthday to me," said Keris. Plastic surgeon from Boston, Dr. Franklin Rose, performed surgery and removed about seven pounds of tissue from her breast. He said that in his career he had never seen a bigger chest. "Her breasts are really hung up cones, and it was like that all the time to wear three basketballs as they were great," said the doctor.

Keris after surgery and still has big breasts, but now her quite enough DD basket. Dr Rose says to her spine twisted time it was not done on time operations. Keris has already begun to receive visible indentations on shoulders where bra straps are. "When my friends saw the first time, she cried. When I first got up, I felt so light," recalls Keris feeling after surgery. Although for years wanted to get rid of them, she admits that after the surgery was pretty emotional.
"I cried when I got home. As I was grieving for them, it was like a divorce," she is honest. However, now looks forward to its future with a normal chest. He says he will first have to buy a nice bra, and then go shopping in order to purchase the dress strapless.

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