Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Galaxy S4 endurance test

Samsung has often been the target of criticism for using something thinner plastic in making their smartphones. This is particularly true of their best devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S4. And what happened? Here, probably nothing, but with the company which holds the No. 1 spot in the world (which of course wants to remain) seriously understand the criticism and nameračili have to refute. How else to test resistance Samsung Galaxys S4. The intention is clear: to show the world that the Samsung Galaxy S4 tough, many of whom are breaking teeth.

Galaxy S4 - through water and dust

And like every other, so is this "crash" test had several phases and simulate real-world situations in which usually lead to damage of mobile phones. It is a sinking in the water discharge on a hard surface, dust etc..

Galaxy S4 - S4 Galaxy through the water has passed through several stages of testing

The video below shows a Samsung confident of their durability best smart phone, which should be no doubt in any respect, and of course come up in durability and reliability. Because the phone is 100 times dropped from a certain height, it was baked in the oven, exposed to high humidity or water, and so on. Received even a few direct hits.

Galaxy S4 test of stamina - a conclusion

All in all, the results of tests that we received this really work visually ohrabljujuće and reliable. However, as the demonstration comes directly from Samsung, we need to be a little skeptical of the objectivity of the test in question. Of course, these things can be checked in home conditions (although the video warning us not to do so), but only if you have extra money and give you one, two Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone does not mean much.

What are your experiences with the Galaxy S4 smartphone? Are you also trying something similar or have "met" accidental discharge phone?

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