Monday, 2 March 2015

(VIDEO) Teenager (15) BUSINESSMAN: She struggled with school and now earns $ 500,000 a year!

Once you've built your own business, I realized that it be capable of learning is not the same as having a nose job, she said Noah Mintz
 Noah Mintz is a 15-year-old who earns more than the majority of average citizens.
The first impression of her spoken of as an average teenage girl who wears a fixed prosthesis, but actually she is the owner of the agency for child care which was founded in August 2012. Last summer hired a director who leads her agency while she herself attending classes.
The agency rents space in a building in Manhattan, New York. Noah helped father who runs a private joint stock company and that is the registered owner of the agency. I borrowed her capital, but the expected return on investment as well as any other investment.
Even Noah did not invent the idea itself. Her mother said their family, which is still except for Noah and three brothers and sisters, that they find a better nanny for their family. When that failed, she started helping her mother's friends to find reliable babysitters.
"It amused me to get to know the family and ask nanny with whom they will get along well," said Noah, which at that time attended 7th grade.
"I did not expect success, but I decided to try," said Noah, who lives on the Upper West Side with his parents and three siblings.
Last year the business has tripled so from then-50 rating number increased to 190. First, the chargeable service 100 to $ 200."I have not charged enough, even as we and the clients themselves have said that should I charge a lot more," said Noah, because everyone is looking for a nanny for a longer period. Today charged 15 percent of the annual salary of each babysitters. Home salaries in New York is $ 50,000 per year.
Noah now earns about $ 500,000 a year, but in fact no plans to stop. "I odlikašica and I definitely struggled with school, but after I built her own business, I realized that it be capable of learning is not the same as having a nose job. I took the opportunity to give me a job helping to get more confident in school" said Noah.

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