Monday, 9 March 2015

(VIDEO) The Irresistible: sweet dream of sea otters

Sea otters sleep on the surface of the water, to make their dream was impeccable, doing something for what we thought was a feature that only people
This article is taken from the website of National Geographic.

These aquatic mammals, which can be found on the shores of the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, are the most numerous members of the family Mustelidae. They have the densest fur in the entire animal kingdom - one million hairs on 2.5 square centimeters.

Interesting facts about sea otters there a little bit, but one that causes the most sympathy in people is their holding paws while you sleep. Why do they do it? Just trying to prevent that in the dream sail and to separate out. In addition, they used seaweed that grows from the bottom of the ocean that are threaded into it, they also help to not floating up.

This type of community is very important. Sea otters often float in groups while eating, while resting and sleeping, a group can have two members while even a hundred members.

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