Monday, 2 March 2015

(VIDEO) exploit Her : Sara is a man whom he never met sent $ 1.4 million

Sara fell in love a year and a half after the boy met on dating site, and so far have not yet seen

An American woman is a man whom she met on the Internet, and he never saw her in person, sent $ 1.4 million.

Sara fell in love with Chris Olsen year and a half after it was found on the dating site. He was her as a refreshment after passing through two divorces. I have not seen live, but they spent hours talking over the phone. Kris told her he was Italian, but that is because of the work he lived in South Africa, Nigeria and Benin.


During their communication Kris she asked for money on several occasions.

 According to her, he was trying to come to America to be met, but each time he was arrested at the border "because of false accusations." So Sara constantly sending him money to help him out of prison, but for other reasons. Paid his hotel bills, "stolen" credit cards, but bail which was about $ 550,000.

"My first thought was how a handsome man even talk to me. However, we talked for hours every day and I'm in love with him," said Sara, who admitted that her time Kris little changed emphasis while talking to her.

But she still thinks that he is not a fraud and that he would come to marry her.

For this reason, spoke to Dr. Phil to help her to meet him.


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