Monday, 9 March 2015

(VIDEO) 18 years after the death of her husband received a precious gift

Military plate is a metal detector last summer found the Frenchman François Blaizot (22), was determined to send it to the right address
 Catherine Wallace from Indianapolis 18 years ago was left without a husband, an American veteran Jim Wallace. He was freed in 1944. France, where he left a trail, a military board.
Military plate after 70 years, with a metal detector, last summer found the Frenchman François Blaizot (22) and decided to locate the person to whom it belonged. Being an American war veteran died, memories came into the hands of his widow, the only person to whom it is far more than just a metal object.
"Nothing else has to happen to me in my life, this is the best thing that ever happened to me. Jim was such a good person," said the widow.
Help was sought from Corey Goodwin, who works at the US Military Department, "Grant County Veterans Affairs". This posrednica quickly find the real owner, and then contacted his wife, Catherine Wallace. The plate was returned to her with a letter to a young Frenchman.
"It gives me great pleasure to be able to give you back your husband's plate. It is for me a way of revealing respect to people, what was your husband, and who came to my country and giving us freedom," wrote Francois. Reactions to the family of John Wallace were great.
"He was able to give it to anyone, he could sell it to a collector, he decided to return it to our family," said Thani White Wallace, daughter of John and Catherine Wallace.

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