Monday, 9 March 2015

Fishing with "drummer" on the back!

Leskovcanin Jovan Stojanovic became a hit on social networks when hooked to the back of the oven "drummer" lit a fire and so went to fish!
 He threw his stick in Veternica, but nothing else was caught, except turkey feathers. However, he says that his bar was not cold at minus and the wind that blew that day by the river.
Video-clip is so far from his Facebook profile is distributed more than 2,500 people, and many have compared it with a penguin Pablo, Disney cartoon hero who lives at the North Pole and persistent longing for warmer regions, but it, unlike John, the Finally managed to start a new life on a tropical desert island. Perhaps one day, and John ...
"We have one thing in common and that is zimogrožljivost. Pablo came to my mind when I put the stove in the back. I thought those days so hang equipped with skis down the Baba LIVACO which is a favorite destination for children sledding in Leskovac, but the snow already melted, "says John of" Southern News ".
She loves, she says, warmer regions. "The Caribbean say ... There'd like to live," imagination leskovcanin sensitive to cold.
The real attraction is actually a pan which is located on the dome, ready to fry it immediately catches from Veternice.
"Unfortunately, I have not caught on, and the pan was empty. Next time, I promise a better catch," says John.

Looking at the picture, we asked ourselves how to blow.
"There is a simple solution. Between Pec and vest set thick cardboard. Provereno works!", I John.
Many do not understand what he did, and she got the idea when he saw the fishermen beside the South Morava to freezing, holding fishing rods in their hands.
"I feel sorry for them. Then it hit me! PECL burned, climb on his back, spine and warm the winter there for you," advises John fellow fishermen.
He admits that he took a stick in his hands for 10 years, and now gladly fishing ... Always with a peck on his back in the winter months.
"Individuals say that I freaked out. Why everything is strange and unusual needs to be a reflection of a madman? Do not people know that NASA and bring a little joy into their lives?" Asks John who normally works as a security guard in Leskovac General Hospital .
The invention "a traveling water bottles" was not his first unusual ideas. For the next one you saved, as announced, unusual will parade the streets of the central city, as soon as more beautiful time.
"People need a little joke, unusual enterprise and pursuits in these bleak times. All this is medicine for the soul, and on the other hand, and useful," says the "South news" this passionate, but sensitive to cold Leskovac fisherman.

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