Sunday, 8 March 2015

The world would be a better place if more people like this

Mehmet, since it knows what it is you do not have anything, stuck a label on your extension as a gift to everyone
 Mehmet Kuruc is 45-year-old in Munich runs a small Turkish restaurant. Mehmet has delighted the public an inscription that was affixed to the door of his restaurant.
Mehmet, whom everyone calls kindly Memo, a former businessman from Istanbul. After two failed marriages and a failed company, was so poor and desperate that he had to break the cash register their children to come to the last money. When he came to Germany, he decided to open a small shop in Munich.
Slowly he regained the will to live and work went better. Then Memo did something that most would not. Because he knows how it feels to have nothing, he stuck the label on your store:
"Dear people,You are hungry and have no money? With us you can eat and pay later or may God bless you.No one should be hungry!Lazos Team "
Occasionally, even three or four people a day to accept the offer and often only later plate dish. But I gesture led to the fact that many people loved him and congratulated him on his special act.
The world would be a better place, that is more people like Mehmet.

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