Friday, 7 November 2014

(VIDEO) Another DUH: Kris (20) he painted his grandfather, and next to him and made a guardian angel!

Kris Lidbeter wanted to have the last photo with her grandfather, but when he saw the photo he saw a ghost girl in white standing next to the bed of his grandfather.

Kris Lidbeter (20) paid a visit to his grandfather Bob Lard┼ża hospital in Chester, which was built on the site of the former shelters. When told that Bob came to the final stage of the disease and that he is no help, he decided to create a photo keepsake.

When he saw the photo, the goose bumps. It shows the spirit of the girls in white, standing beside the bed of his grandfather.

Upset, Kris's photo showed the hospital staff in Chester, who told him that "many patients seeing a ghost girl beside the bed."

Kris is a girl described as "a blonde with long hair, in a white dress."

Retiree Bob more peaceful sleep since he was discharged from the hospital, despite earlier diagnosis.
"When I looked at the picture, I freaked. It was late in the evening, I had to wake up all the household and to show them the gruesome scene. Everybody was shocked," said Kris.

He added that his grandfather was still alive, despite the diagnosis, and that the spirit finds it "very comforting, and that someone cares about him."

"She is my guardian angel," said the grandfather.


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